Do you ever wonder how the sky could be so blue
When you have such a deep sadness inside of you

Do you sometimes laugh and pretend to be a clown
Only to shed your tears when there’s no one around

Do you ever wonder how you can feel so invisible
Even though you have people all around you still

Do you ever wish someone could see your pain
That on your heart leaves such a dark stain

Do you sometimes wish the world could hear
The whispers in darkness that speak your fear

My wish for you the next time you are there
To remember there are those of us who care

I want you to know that you are never alone
So remove the mask and let your soul be shown

If it’s tears of sadness or joy that run down your face,
Either is accepted and protected in this safe place

So next time you ever wonder why the sky is blue
It’s a reminder that your AS family supports you.