Freedom of speech is protected in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights and is guaranteed to all Americans even people who suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis.

We all have the choice in how we deal with this disease. The history of this country has always been about hiding in the closet, alone in the dark with our fears and shame.

It has been the way of our society since the beginning of time. Think about it. This affects everything in life, job safety issues, whistle blowers, fraud, sexual harassment, child abuse, rape and health.

In every aspect of our life you have someone who feels they should keep it to themselves for whatever reason. Maybe it is the fear of not being believed, accepted or being judged, loosing your job, health insurance or saving face. That you choose to keep it close to your heart never allowing anyone to know the truth is your right, and your choice. This is YOUR LIFE to live the best way that you can.

Then you have those who feel the need to share, educate, inform, and change things.

The people who have the courage to stand up and say what they need to tell you.

It takes tremendous courage on either path you take.

It takes courage to deal with it alone or to share it with the world.

No one is right and no one is wrong.

Everyone needs to remember we have the choice to deal with what live throws our way. It is our choice.

It is our freedom.

It is our life.

I for one chose to live my life in the darkness, carrying this disease on my back alone. I have finally gotten the courage to share what my life has been like.

We are all working for the same cause.

We are all hoping to bring awareness to this disease.

We are all fighting for acceptance and understanding.

Maybe it is time we fused together to work for the same goal.

We fight our on bodies every day.

Our bodies attack us every day.

We fight for our doctors to listen.

We fight for our families to understand.

We fight our self for acceptance.

Yet we don’t give that to each other.

I live in a country that I am free to make my own choice.

That choice was given to me by the blood of people I have loved and never known.

I choose to STAND TALL.

I choose to speak out.

I choose to be honest about who I am.

I choose to share my truth of Ankylosing Spondylistis.

I choose not to judge anyone for how they decide to deal with their own life.

I choose to forgive those who don’t accept my choice of freedom.

When you choose to move forward, take with you the wisdom of the past, lessons learned, and do your best to make a difference in anything you choose to do.