People take so much for granted, my self included. They spend their whole life chasing dreams, seeking adrenaline highs and looking for the most challenging thing they can do today.

Me? I miss the simple things in life. You know like…

Being able to say Ankle what?

Being able to lean my head back for a kiss from my husband.

Being able to look for my keys in my purse, instead of feeling for them.

Being able to scratch my back against the wall.

Being able to relax in a recliner and not have to stare at the ceiling.

Being able to have a day where no one ask you what is wrong ,or what are you mad about?

Being able to enjoy my husband softly caressing me.

Being able to get in a tub of hot water, and not have your teeth chatter uncontrollably due to the pain.

Being able to look down at a sleeping baby in my arms.


Being able to blow out my birthday candles.

Being able to lay my head down on the table, when I am weary.

Being able to sit back in a lawn chair and relax.

Being able to smile and say oh yes, that feels wonderful when getting my nails, toes and a massage done.

Being able to look up at my daughter and in to her eyes.

Being able to curl up on the couch late at night with a good book.

Being able to lay my head against someone’s chest when they hug me.

Being able to not cringe in pain, when someone pats me on the back when they say, “Hey, it is so good to see you!”

Being able to wear tennis shoes with cool laces.

Being able to tie my own shoes.

Being able to put on socks.

Being able to walk barefooted outside, and inside the house.

Being able to bend down to pick something up off the floor.

Being able to turn my head in acknowledgment when someone is

speaking to me.

Being able to do the twist.

Being able to lay on the floor and play with my dogs.

Being able to enjoy my grandchildren’s simple freedom of hugging me, without being reminded don’t hurt Nanny.

Being able to paint my own toes and wiggling them

to see how pretty they look.

Being able to cross my legs and wiggle my  foot in frustration, and hearing you are just like Mer Mer.

Being able to tip my head back to take that big cool swig of iced tea.

Being able to look at my own plate of food when I go out to eat.

Being able to look over my shoulder to back up the car.

Being able to look down to see the top of my grand child’s head.

Being able to lay my head on my husbands chest to

cuddle and watch television in bed.

Being able to turn over without crying out in pain.

Being able to lay flat on my back and being able to breathe.

Being able to take a big bite of a hamburger and get a

little bit of everything.

Being able to sneeze and not feel pain from the

top of my head to the tip of my toes.

Being spontaneous.

Being like everyone else.

Being able to open wide for the doctor and say Ahhhh.

Being able to take a deep breath of fresh air.

Being able to look up in the sky and see the birds fly.

Being able to tilt my head to put mascara on.

Being able to wear clothes without whimpering in pain.

Being able to reach for something on the shelf.

Being able to sing to the music on the radio, without getting

light-headed from lack of air.

Being able to stand long enough to mix a cake before I have to

sit down in pain.

Being able to swallow food without drinking a gallon of something to wash it down.

Being able to swallow a pill without choking till I am in tears.

Being able to eat food without extra gravy, sauce or mayonnaise to make it easier to swallow.

Being able to hold the phone long enough to learn the latest gossip before my arm goes numb.

Being able to take x-rays without tears filling my eyes from the pain.

Being able to go out in public and not be noticed.

Being able to go joy riding with my husband in his challenger.

Being able to write a letter without my hands going numb with pain.

Being able to sit in any chair.

Being able to lay in bed without pain, and fall asleep.

Being able to have a complete hour free of pain.

Being able to kneel by my bedside to Thank God for my life.

Being able to say that this is the end of my list.

The simple truth of AS. is there is no end in sight.